Specializing in Drainage and Waterproofing

A lot of times a home owner will ask me if a French Drain will fix their water issue in their yard or home. And my response is always “Yes! Possibly! But, lets look further and see how we can resolve this issue in the most efficient but yet least costly way possible” There have been many times where I go to a property and a water issue can stump me but by doing a complete inspection during a rainstorm I can generally find the problem. So, after finding the problem I need to come up with system that will handle the amount of water and will not cost a fortune.

I have seen many on occasions where water proofing companies come in and try to sell you on an interior drainage system with a sump pump that cost thousands. With our free drainage consultations about half the time I find an issue on the exterior of the home that causes the issue within the basement! Way to much water in your yard or next to your home! By simply installing underground downspouts or changing the grade of your yard we can keep the water out of your basement.

My team and I also focus on the presentation of your yard before we leave. When we install a system we work on improving the grade of the property or the landscape around the property to not only help with drainage but also appearance. When your yard gets torn up by machinery or digging it should be fixed and look as close to possible to how it did before we started. Your landscape is important to us and we want to see your property look great after a drainage install!

There is a lot of solutions to solving water issues in your home or yard. And by choosing the right contractor you will save thousands when getting it done right the first time. Trust us with your drainage solutions and call me at 215-300-7198 or email StanaitisLandscaping@gmail.com to set up your free drainage or waterproofing consultation.

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