HOA Management 

If you are in search for a lawn and landscape management company for you HOA in Delaware County you may be in luck! We offer Great pricing on HOA Monthly contracts and a great value to your property. We are a small but specialized company that understand the importance’s of your landscape. By being smaller we have the advantage that will benefit you!

The benefit is that we will have the same crew out to your property every week and frequent visit from me (the owner) to make sure the quality of your property is kept up at all times! With having me on your property many times in the year I am able to focus on your landscape and complete the task at hand to enhance the landscape in a timely and efficient manner.

Many times with big corporations you run into the issue of them up selling you on a service or not completing the contract to the fullest extent. This leaves you with a lot of frustrations and annoying phone calls to the manager of the crew that maintains your property. When an issue needs to be resolved at your property we will be out as soon as possible to take care of your needs.

The people of your homeowner association will get to know us and will feel comfortable with asking us questions and will never feel disrespected!

Our company is licensed and insured to meet that needs of your Home Owners Association. We specialize in turf management and legally apply safe products to your lawn and landscape that follow safe practices to ensure the safety of your residents and our employees!

Our services we offer to you!

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Renovation/Enhancement

Turf and Ornamental Maintenance

Water Management

Seasonal Color Design and Installation

Fertilization, Weed, and Pest Management

Mulching and Bed Clean-up Services

Plant and Tree Healthcare

Snow and Ice Management Services

If you want a company that cares call or email us today!

John Stanaitis



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