Stanaitis Landscaping offers professional drainage and waterproofing services.

We offer the best option first and look at the exterior drainage problems at your home before any costly sump pump and footer tile installation.

Its sometimes as simple as getting your down spouts away from your house. Your roof gathers all the water and sends it down a few downspouts on your home. This water is then concentrated and leaks down along your basement walls or out to you lawn and creates a low spot full of mud and water.

Grading your property correctly is key to keeping water away from your house. You may not notice it but the slope may be directing water right towards your house and sending water right into the basement. With proper grading we can get the water away from your house and out into the street or lawn.

If you have water in your lawn, driveway, patio, sidewalk, basement or crawl space give us a call today. We will offer great options within your budget to help with your water problem.



Keep your property dry and safe and call Stanaitis Landscape!


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